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'It's about damn time for this:' Bryan Ruby becomes only active pro baseball player to be out as gay


Emmy award-winner Clay Westervelt is directing a new documentary following Bryan Ruby, a professional baseball player and country singer-songwriter who is at a crossroads.

Living true to himself means becoming professional baseball's only openly LGBTQ player – but with homophobia rampant, it could also cost him his career. 

When coming face to face with harassment and polarizing ostracism, most would hedge their bets. But Ruby knows there is only one path for him – and while it's not smooth and it sure ain't easy – it will always be authentic.

More information on the film will be available later in 2023.



BRYAN RUBY is a rising country music artist and trailblazing professional baseball player based in Nashville, Tennessee. As a songwriter, Bryan has penned songs that have appeared on the Texas Country Top 50 chart and the iTunes Country Top 25 (#16), and songs he has written have been featured on both Huffington Post and People Magazine. As an artist, he won Season 7 of the talent-search competition Nashville Rising Song, and released his debut single Left Field on June 8, 2022. The song was featured on The TODAY Show and added to rotation on SiriusXM Country Pride, as well as the Academy of Country Music's Ultimate Pride Playlist.

In September of 2021 Bryan became the only active professional baseball player to come out as gay at the time, and his story was featured in USA Today as well as 100+ media outlets around the world including CBS, Yahoo, Bleacher Report and Teen Vogue. He then founded Proud To Be In Baseball, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, advocacy, & creating opportunities for the next generation of LGBTQ baseball players.

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  • 2019—Won $5K Original Song Songwriter Prize

  • 2020—Nashville Rising Song Talent Search Competition Season 7 Winner

  • 2021—12 Songs Cut By Country and Pop Music Recording Artists (while playing pro baseball)

  • 2021—Wrote iTunes Top 20 Country Song (Backwoods Bougie, Hayden Joseph)

  • 2021—Wrote TX Country Radio Top 50 (Worst Best Way, Xavier Joseph)

  • 2022—Debut single Left Field featured on SiriusXM Country Pride, ACM Ultimate Pride Playlist, and The TODAY Show on NBC

  • 2023—Debut EP Diamonds Are Forever slated for release (*late 2023, date to be announced)



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